Booking Terms

  1. Do not insist/encourage the driver to break traffic rules like speeding, jumping traffic lights/signals, driving in the wrong lane/side, overtaking, etc.
  2. Please do not leave any valuables like mobiles, wallets, laptops, luggage, handbags and cash in the vehicles or the driver’s possession.
  3. Drivergill or any driver engaged with service will not be responsible for any loss, theft or damage.
  4. Drivergill and its driver do not hold responsibility for any damage or loss of your vehicle and/or your and the client’s life including theft, sabotage, kidnapping, etc.
  5. Drivergill will provide service only if your vehicle is covered under comprehensive insurance through a credible motor insurer in Delhi, India. The company and its drivers would not be a party, convict or witness to any legal proceedings held by any court of law due to such incidents, loss or theft.
  6. Drivegill does not hold any responsibility in case of any incident if you hire the the driver directly without intimation.
  7. Drivegill and its drivers hold the full right to accept or decline the services at its discretion and judgment.
  8. Providing food and lodging facilities to the driver, in case of outstation tours, will be the responsibility of the client/customer.
  9. Please do not support, insist or encourage the driver to drive under any influence of alcohol, drugs, etc. as the responsibility of doing so will be borne by the client and not you and its driver.
  10. Drivergill is the service provider of drivers to the clients. The client will be the employer of the driver.
  11. Information provided by the driver is authenticated by the driver. The company is only liable for police verification of the driver.
  12. Drivegill will not be liable for any illegal act of driving during his employment with the customer.
  13. Drivergill works only as a facilitator for providing drivers.
  14. Only Delhi courts shall have the jurisdiction to hear disputes between the two parties.
  15. Though Frivergill will make the best effort to provide a driver at the requested time, the driver is subject to availability.
  16. For any complaints or grievances, you can contact us at the provided contact number

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